Those Aren’t Biscuits – 040 – The Advertising Debate


It’s Thursday, Podcast Fans. That means it’s time for another episode of Those Aren’t Biscuits.

In this week’s exciting episode of Those Aren’t Biscuits, Owen gets preachy about advertising, Jon continues to fight for justice, Jury selection is kind of messed up, there’s a surprise last minute announcement about Playstation Plus games, and we talk about comic book TV shows that suck.

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Those Aren’t Biscuits – 039 – The Pig and the Prime Minister

"Run Boys, the PM is coming!"
“Run Boys, the PM is coming!”

Hey guy, it’s podcast time again. I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting podcast updates and similar hear again. With that in mind, it’s time for episode 39 of Those Aren’t Biscuits, the show in which Jon and I discuss pop culture from a trans-atlantic perspective.

In this week’s exciting episode of Those Aren’t Biscuits we tackle David Cameron’s ham sandwich, the Metal Gear Solid musical, Jon’s latest quest FOR JUSTICE and Owen gets all preachy.

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Those Aren’t Biscuits – 033 – Windows 10 isn’t awful

Those Aren’t Biscuits is a weekly geek culture podcast pretending to be a professionally made comedy show. Hosted by Owen Adams and Jonathan Cadotte, it is probably the most important podcast in of the 20th Century. 

In this week’s Biscuits, radio sound effects, operating system talk, shout outs go wrong, and we’re both ill and tired.

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Those Aren’t Biscuits – 029 – B.B King’s Dojo of Death

So, I’d stopped posting these updates to the blog because I try to keep this place writing centric and Those Aren’t Biscuits is not to everyone’s taste, but I’d like to start including more of a round up of what I’m getting up to outside the blog. With that in mind, the latest episode of Those Aren’t Biscuits is now live, as usual you can subscribe on iTunes of your usual RSS feed.

In this week’s exciting episode of Those Aren’t Biscuits we discuss Steven Seagal’s Martial Arts mentor, the world’s finest Caribou Romance, Han Solo’s second job and the woman haunted by a life in music.

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Those Aren’t Biscuits – 013


Hey guys, the latest episode of Those Aren’t Biscuits is live now. I’ve been lax in posting the updates to the site lately, but I’m getting back on it.

It’s a very special Biscuits this week as we open the floor to the public and take on some really strange questions. After that we get talk about why Jon isn’t allowed to play CounterStrike, we have Deja Vu about Majora’s Mask, and we kill the mood by saying serious things about Peurto Rico. There’s just time to talk about the latest game made especially for the common man before we go.

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