Saturday Round-Up – 26/09/2015


Yay, I’m doing the round up thing again. Just a quick post once a week to highlight what I’ve been up to.

Youtube is coming along nicely. In the last week I started a regular live stream of Dead Rising on the 360. It has been a lot of fun, check it out here, if you like killing zombies and weird Japanese knock offs of American B-Movies.

Art stuff: I’ve been painting a bit less since I started focusing on webcomics, so no paintings this week, but I have been bringing my old Deviant Art profile back from the dead. Check it out, send me llama badges.

And speaking of that comic, I spent most of the early part of this week getting Timeshare’s site more usable. I’m still making little tweaks as I go. The latest strip is up today, so take a look. (It has a dinosaur in it.)

The Podcast is rocking along as always, with a new exciting episode every week. We had a few technical glitches this time, but we also cover that political scandal, so check out episode 39, The Pig and the Prime Minister.

Elsewhere on the blog, you’ll find a piece I wrote about how taking things in little steps made me a better person, and a very little story about tea.