Sunday Round-up – 25/10/2015

Last week’s round-up went missing, but it’s not going to be too lengthy as things have been a little quiet. (Illness in the Adams household this week, as well as a lot of other distractions.) Still, there are updates anyway.

In Fiction, the second chapter of Balancing the Books hit the blog. The third was also supposed to arrive but I forgot to schedule it. (Oops.) It will now be arriving some time in the week, with the ebook still preparing to launch in time for Halloween.

And elsewhere on the blog, I wrote a slightly rambly personal post about why I find writing blog posts, and self discipline in general, to be tricky concepts to master.

Timeshare updated as always, two updates to catch up on, but you can go straight to the latest here. The one that didn’t get a round-up is reproduced below.


The Youtube Channel continues as always, I finally got to the end of Outlast and am incredibly pleased I never have to play it again, Minecraft carries along as always, and we began a new project, Trine. Check out my vertigo inducing attempt to build a giant statue in Minecraft:

And Lastly, It has been a quiet fortnight but there’s a lot on the horizon. I’ve recently been digging in to Lego Dimensions, which will definitely be making an appearance on my Youtube channel, but I’ve been considering reviving the old Lego Blog and reviewing the more physical aspects of the game on there too. Early days yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you next week!

Sunday Round-Up – 11/10/2015

Hey guys, I know the round up is normally posted Saturdays, but I was unbelievably busy yesterday and so it’s coming to you today instead. So, what’s new this week?

Fiction Friday is back. But it’s a little different, this time I’ll be serialising longer stories every week. You can check out the first part of Balancing the Books here. It’s a spooky little tale that will be playing out over three weeks, with an eBook release in time for Halloween.

#Drawlloween continues, I’ve been posting the pictures to the blog pretty regularly, but I’ve also moved away from posting here each and every day. I’m trying to keep stuff like that more to twitter for now. Here’s yesterday’s drawing, the subject was “Alien.”



And there’s another Timeshare strip of course… You can head on over to the site to read through, or check out this week’s comic below.

This week’s Those Aren’t Biscuits is now live,  this week we talked about our favourite music, corny 80s cartoons, and I demonstrated my lovely singing voice. Check it out here.

And last but not least, my Youtube channel is doing really well right now. It’s growing faster than ever, and you can head there to see me Let’s Play vids of games like Minecraft, Dead Rising, Outlast (if you’re brave.) Or, if you fancy something a little more bitesize, check out this wonderful moment where fellow Biscuits- Host Jon and I finally took down the AT-ATs in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. It was a beautiful moment.