The Temporal Web is vast and uncharted; Its branches reach across the whole of time and space. It is this discovery that makes time-travel possible, if you are a genius. Of course sometimes mistakes happen. Annie, Mark and Graham were strangers, now they are time travellers. Pulled from the 21st century, their only hope of getting back is to cross the web until they find the road home.

Timewasters is a series of Sci-Fi Adventure shorts taking you to a different time and place each time. They are best read in the order of publication, but can be enjoyed on their own too.  

Christmas Past Owen AdamsChristmas Past – Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
A man died while the snow fell. His body would be hidden until summer, but there are strangers in the woods today. During a long forgotten Christmas, three time travellers come to town; is their presence just a coincidence or are there darker secrets hidden beneath the ice.
This was the first short story I published in January 2012. It serves as something of a pilot for the Timewasters series, though some changes would creep in as I wrote more. I’m very proud of this story as it was really my serious step in my writing career.
time trial book cover
Time Trial – Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
Harbour is the nicest place to live in the known universe. Unless you’re a time traveller. 
It has been weeks since Annie left Earth and all she wants to do is go home, but first she and her friends must stand trial.
Unfortunately, they are all guilty. 
Time Trial is the second story in my Timewasters series. It follows the same characters from Christmas Past, as they visit a planet when Time Travel is considered a dangerous and criminal activity.