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My name is Owen Adams, but if you’ve come here from my youtube page you probably know me better as British Gamer!

Since 2015 I’ve been making gameplay videos, editorials, and live streams from my small but growing YouTube channel. Around that, I’ve been lucky enough to attract a supportive and enthusiastic community who seem to enjoy what I do, as well as meet other creators I get to work with every day. The pay isn’t great but it’s pretty much my dream job.

In the meantime, I’m also polishing up my writing skills and trying to break into more serious games journalism. Originally this blog was set up to showcase my fiction writing and promote my ebooks (still available on kindle, nudge nudge) but as fiction became a smaller part of my life, this place has become more focused on my gaming related writing. Here you’ll find writing practice, sample pieces, unsubmitted work, or pieces I just could sell but I still thought had promise.

Want to get in touch?

Drop me an email at owen@theowenadamsproject.com, check out my twitter www.twitter.com/illogicology, or hit me up on my Facebook page!

Like what you see?

If you like my work and would like to know how to support it, here are a few ideas. 

Drop a comment. Writing online is sometimes a bit like talking to yourself. Let me know someone is reading.

Help me meet some my costs by making a small donation via patreon or paypal. (All donations are gratefully appreciated, but don’t donate if you don’t really want to or can’t really afford it. Seriously. It’s just an option for people who are into crowd funding etc.)

Hire me! Like my writing and want some for your publication? I would love to work for you.




  • A fellow atheist? Adam and The Pilgrimage short stories are for you then 😉

  • I might take a peek!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog today! Hope the writing is going well. 🙂

  • “The Octopus of Suspense” = a superb title. I just clicked you on Twitter! Intrigued to read more.

  • Thanks! I know some people think the title is a bit goofy, but it made me laugh when I thought of it so it stuck.

  • Michael T. Huyck, Jr.

    Thanks for your blurb on writing short story collection blurbs…I’ve been struggling with mine and your direction helped.

  • Thanks, I’m glad it was helpful. Good luck with the book!