Christmas Past is Free Until Saturday!

christmaspastHey guys, if you haven’t read Christmas Past yet, it’s free today until Saturday. It’s a time-travel thriller set in the middle of a Victorian winter. It was the first story I published myself, and it started my Timewasters series. The story is pretty special to me, so I’d love it if you checked out out, and let me know what you thought.

You can read it on your kindle, or the free kindle app on your tablet or smartphone. Download it from Amazon.

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Time travel is easy, getting home is the hard part.

Annie and her friends are used to harsh conditions, but a Victorian winter still comes as a shock. They have a job to do, but it isn’t long before they stumble upon a corpse buried in the snow, and a new mystery to solve.

  • rlast

    I enjoyed reading Christmas Past. The premise and storyline are definitely intriguing enough to keep reading through to the end, and that’s a writer’s victory right there. It’s unpredictable, and all of the settings feel real. I can feel the bitter cold of the woods and village, and I can see the little carved aeroplanes displayed in the villain’s cozy, cluttered drawing room.

    As you’d mentioned you’d like to hear some thoughts, I humbly offer a couple of suggestions to consider only if inclined.

    1. One easy change to bring this book immediately up a notch or two would be to simply run it through a spelling and grammar check as a Word doc before putting a finalized copy into the e-book format.

    2. The title invokes Christmastime. Disappearances throw a pall over the town; maybe mismatched holiday spirit with these dark events could be seen in some half-heartedly jolly decorations with poorly knotted ribbons. A somehow sad sprig of mistletoe or holly bough with just one berry left. Maybe people pass in the street with holiday greetings that don’t feel right. I’m getting carried away.

    3. What do you think of developing any one of the 3 travelers into the main character, the protagonist. S/he could become an even more sympathetic character with whom the reader identifies more closely, perhaps through revealing more of his/her background and motivations.

    Overall, I like it! There’s good dialogue, action, suspense, a twist at the end, a villain with whom readers might even sympathize, and good characters all, really. IMHO, I think you’ve got something here.

    • Hey,

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. I did approve the comment as soon as I saw it wasn’t spam, but I’ve been having a bit of a fight with my spam filter so I’ve been trying to get through the backlog of approvals and deletions before I get into replies.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story and thanks so much for the feedback. I’ll be honest, I haven’t made any serious changes to Christmas Past since 2012, and I’d be very unlikely at this stage to go back and make any narrative changes. (Typos and corrections are always very welcome though.) It’s good advice though, and I’ll keep it in mind as I move forward, thanks so much!