Welcome to the New Blog!


If you came here from my old WordPress.com page, you’ll know that I just migrated everything that was there, over to here and everything looks much the same. If you’re knew here, you won’t know any of that, but you’re welcome all the same.

I have moved my blog over to my own hosting and domain because it just makes sense for the future. WordPress.com is a really good service for free hosting and I recommend it to everyone as their first step in blogging, but I’d just grown past it. Sure, it was a lot more fiddly and time consuming just getting the blog to look the same as it did before, but I have a lot more options open to me now.

A big part of why I have this blog is to promote my writing. Part of that is posting stories, and reviewing other great books, films and games that have influenced me, and WordPress.com was great for that, but I also need to be able to incorporate other services I use into the blog more. That means plugins, my own hosting, flexibility. Anything that can streamline my workload makes the change a little more worthwhile.

More importantly, while WordPress.com doesn’t take any sort of ownership of your content, in a way they do control your site. You are at their whim. Paying for my own hosting and domain lets me take control of my work, and my platform in a way I couldn’t before.

So, I hope you’ll all forgive me for the inconvenience. Now let’s resume regular service.