Sharp Tooth! – Lego 31032 Red Creatures

Lego Dragon Box CoverIf you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might remember that I used to run another blog all about my nerdy Lego obsession. I haven’t updated over there in a while because I don’t really like using blogger all that much. Still, my love for Lego hasn’t died, so I’m just going to be sticking Lego posts here from now on. Red Creatures is one of the 3 in 1 Creator sets. I love these sets. They tend to stay away from very specific, single use pieces, drawing from more conventional, generic pieces to create a different sort of models. They’re usually great value for money, with a lot of pieces per pound, and three models to build with the pieces. Truth be told, the alternative builds usually aren’t as interesting as the main feature, but that’s to be expected, I suppose.

Lego Dragon BodyLego Dragon Nearly FinishedLego 31032 Complete

Cat in lego box
My glamorous assistant, Toffee, checking on the build’s progress.

The main build for Red Creatures is a nifty fire breathing dragon, similar to the T-Rex from a couple of years ago. Right of the bat, this showcases what is so good about the Creator series, as the model is built from mostly standard pieces and still creates a more interesting model than the pre-moulded, single piece dragons that turned up in Castle themes from the 90s.

The build is fairly simple, but uses some good ball joints and clip hinges to make a lot of individual moving parts in the final model. The tail, wings, head, jaw, legs, arms and wrists all move individually, meaning you can pose the dragon in a lot of different ways. It also stands fairly well on its own with a little adjustment.

I haven’t build the alternate builds yet, I’m so impressed with the dragon that I’d probably like to keep it intact for a while, but the snake and scorpion both look pretty interesting. If you’re interested in this set, it’s a good little build and is suitable for kids moving into more complicated builds. Definitely a winner.

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