Christmas Ego Booster – 2014

Lego minifig series 8 father christmas santa claus saint nicholas costume present - doubleHello!

It’s Christmas Time again, and aren’t you all excited? Not too excited, I’m sure, because it does happen every year. But moderately excited, the sort of excitement you reserve for mundane, annual events in which we are all encourage to be excited about it by watching films of other people having a better time with it than we are.

Sorry. Where was I?

Life is busy at the moment, I won’t have time to update the blog until we’re into 2015, so I’m signing off this year by letting you know what I have going on and what’s coming up in the new year.

New Projects

Probably the biggest new development is Those Aren’t Biscuits, a weekly podcast hosted with my buddy Jonathan Cadotte. The show is only four weeks in, but has been a lot of fun so far. Give it a listen here.

I also put a new book out this year, a successor to the short story collection I released last year. Octopus Returns is on the kindle store right now.

Old Habits

The blog has been busy this year with a lot more updates than in years gone by. This includes more regular flash fiction stories, which you can read right here.

I’ve also been wasting my time reviewing very goofy PC games and letting you know why Daniel Craig has no shame.

Looking Forward

I want to make 2015 this year in which I finally quit my crummy weekend job, and make a living doing what I love. To that end, I already have two books in the works for early that year. More info coming on that soon. Those Aren’t Biscuits will be continuing on its regular schedule in the New Year, and Jon and I are hoping to get it into more people’s hands. I’m also going to start submitting my writing to sites and magazines that might be interested in my stuff, I’ve been too cautious about submitting in the past and it’s something I’ve never really tried.

Lastly, I usually have some sort of book sale on at Christmas. I’ve nothing planned just yet, but I’m hoping to organise something before the year is out. It will probably be New Year now before that happens, but keep watching this space.


Right, that’s all for now. I’ve talked about myself for long enough, I’d just like to end 2014 by thanking you guys for reading. You’re the best.