NaNoWriMo 2014 – Game Over, Man. Game Over.

Mario64GameOverI have had a lot of false starts with NaNoWriMo over the years. That’s to be expected. The goal can often feel distant, the daily work is tough, but I think this is the first year where I’ve made a really solid attempt at the event and failed anyway. Truth be told, I was doomed from the start. The 1st was a bad day for me to start, the 30th was a bad day to finish and there were times when the days in-between were really piling it on.

It’s not a good feeling, of course, to put so much time into something and end up at a disappointment, but it is a learning experience nonetheless. Overconfidence got me in the beginning, told me I had this whole NaNoWriMo thing down now, that I didn’t need to push it like I had before. Don’t worry, I told myself, you can catch up in your free time. But then when things happen and your free time stops being free, things can take a turn for the worse.

I might carry on along the same path with the novel. I am way off that 50k mark, but I could push to the end in another week and see where I would have arrived. However, this might be a good opportunity to take a different approach with the book. I can’t say I was completely happy with the way the book was going anyway, and it’s an idea I don’t want to waste.

So, my project was a bit of a bust this year. How did you guys get on?