Nostalgia Time: So Haunt Me

Continuing on my bloodthirsty rampage through the wastelands of 90s British TV, I arrive at the pinnacle of Jewish Ghost Sitcoms, So Haunt Me: 

This one is obscure. Chances are it’s too obscure and will only be nostalgic to me and anyone who borrowed my VHS of Robocop 2 that features an episode of this taped over the last five minutes. It wasn’t even that big a show when it was new, memorable only for being the only other thing Raquel from Only Fools and Horses ever did. Still, my Dad and I used to watch this together and I remember us both laughing out loud at jokes only he understood. 

The setup is unusual enough. A family hit by the recession downsizes to a house that’s a bit of a dump, it’s small and cheap but all the previous owners have abandoned it. The reason, of course, is because it is haunted by the ghost of a middle aged, Jewish housewife, who doesn’t so much terrify her victims as mother them to death. The gags are a bit 90s, but it doesn’t go down the “My Hero” route of abandoning reality completely. The characters are generally likeable, if a bit cookie cutter, and the self absorbed Mrs. Feldman is the definite start of the show. As things go one, the show got a bit caught up with plot arcs, and there are only so many jokes you can make about being haunted by a Jewish ghost before the show stops exploring that avenue. 

It didn’t last long, and the BBC has yet to release this on DVD, but some Internet Robin Hood has uploaded a lot of very ugly VHS copies to Youtube if you really want to check it out. It’s worth a laugh, and at it’s best, it still confirms my theory that British TV peaked in the 90s. Hit me up in the comments if you remember this.