British Nostalgia Time: BUGS

If, like me, you were a square-eyed British TV addict child in the 90s then you might remember this show. BBC Drama in the 90s was pretty ambitious, and while it didn’t have the budget that it does now, I still think BUGS has aged pretty well.

My Dad used to describe it as a show about computers, written by someone who had never seen a computer, and it does have that early 90s innocence in the way it treats computer technology. The upside is that the plots were often genuinely original and it’s still nice to see a Sci-Fi / Action series set in Britain. To this day, I can’t think of many other shows that are explicitly about bugs, digital terrorism and solving crimes using computers. I still find myself humming the theme tune every now and then. I remember tuning out in later years as they changed the actor playing Ed, and messed about with the basic formula, but back in the day this was one of my favourites.