Time Trial Gets A New Cover

Time Trial CoverFeel Free to Judge This Book By Its Cover!

I recently participated in a project organised by Adrijus of RockingBookCovers.com, and here are the results. Adrijus was looking for some volunteers who had, let’s say, less than stellar book covers that would benefit from a remake. I jumped at the chance to get something a bit more professional for Time Trial, which I can honestly say I’ve never been too happy with. The results were fantastic, and I now have a cover that really captures the feeling of Sci-Fi Adventure that I’ve always wanted for my Timewasters books. I’ll be trying out Time Trial’s new outfit with a freebie day sometime this week so keep watching this space.

  • Great-looking cover! That is truly eye-catching and definitely more professional.

  • Yeah, I was pretty pleased with it. I go back and forth on paid covers, I know I need to start doing it eventually but I’m just selling shorts at the moment so I can’t justify the expense for something without much of a market. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing how it does for Time Trial.