Pilot – A Short Story

Electronic BrainHey guys, it’s story time again. I know other updates have been a bit thin on the ground, but besides writing there hasn’t been much to report. Besides, I can usually tag any other updates on to the beginning here. I’m working hard to get enough stories together for a follow up to last year’s collection, but I enjoy writing these bitesize pieces so much that I think I’ll probably have enough ideas for another eight after that. 

I’ve been exploring Science Fiction again for this story. I haven’t written much about robots in the past, all the best ideas have usually been done, and I’m sure this one is no exception, but I have always wondered when a robot’s brain stops becoming a computer and turns into a mind. This story is about just that. 

* * *

EDIT: Unfortunately, as this story has been published elsewhere, I’ve had to remove it temporarily. Sorry – Owen.