Detritus – A Short Story

Hey Guys, updates were a bit sparse last week, but I’m kicking off this week with a new story for you to make up for it. This is a tense little sci-fi horror idea that I quite enjoyed. I’ve been wanting to write a time travel story for a while, but I wanted to do something a bit different with it. I was lucky as the entire plot basically jumped into my head fully formed and I just had to go through the process of getting words on the page. As usual, check it out below.

In other news, the Big Book Freebie I did the other week went really well. A lot of free copies were distributed, and I have had some nice feedback from readers. I was hoping it would translate into a few extra Amazon reviews, but that’s one of the toughest hurdles to achieve. 

Lastly, I finally traded in the very unreliable old laptop that came with my phone contract for a very swish Macbook. This means that it will be a lot easier to get writing and blogging done hassle free. Expect more updates and stories in the future. 

– Owen

* * *

EDIT: Unfortunately, as this story has been published elsewhere, I’ve had to remove it temporarily. Sorry – Owen.