Mirror, Mirror: A Short Story

IceCubesHey guys, consider yourselves lucky this week because I’m posting a second story to the blog today. This one is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. I’ve been having thoughts about developing it into something longer, but I want to post the original piece up anyway because I think it works really well. 

In other news, I’ve just finished Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes, and I really had a good time with it. I’ll probably be posting some of my thoughts about it in the future.

My big eBook Freebie is still running until tomorrow, so be sure to click here for details and grab some free books for the kindle. More info about upcoming books soon. Until then, enjoy my latest story, Mirror, Mirror. 

* * *

EDIT: Unfortunately, as this story has been published elsewhere, I’ve had to remove it temporarily. Sorry – Owen.