2014 Kindle Book Freebies

Morning folks,

I’ve been opening up the blinds and letting a breeze blow away the cobwebs in here this week. 2014 started out as a bit of a tough year, but now the worst of it is out of the way, I’ve been able to get back to writing. I posted a new short to the blog yesterday, so if you missed that be sure to take a look. Today I want to keep the ball rolling by telling you about my Kindle Store Freebies.

I like Amazon’s KDP Select programme, and I particularly like being able to set free days. It’s a joy having some of my fiction listed on Amazon, but for most short pieces I’d probably set the price lower than Amazon’s minimum of 99c if I could. I try to balance things out by using all of the free days Amazon provide me with, after all, most of those works were published for free here before they went on sale. With life getting in the way, I haven’t scheduled any free promotions this year at all, and so I’m making up for it with a big Free Promotion on all my books ending Saturday!

Grab them from the links below:

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The Octopus of Suspense CoverThe Octopus of Suspense
This collection of eight odd little stories has been very well received. Each story is different, but they all explore unique characters in unusual situations.
Available now on the Kindle Store.
Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Christmas Past Owen AdamsChristmas Past
This was the first Timewasters story published. I wrote it originally for Christmas 2011, but it was a little late and didn’t go on sale until January 2012.
When three time travellers appear in the woods, they’ve arrived for a reason, but even they aren’t expecting to find a corpse under the snow. 
Amazon US / Amazon UK

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time trial book coverTime Trial
The second Timewasters story arrived later in 2012. For my next adventure, I wanted to tell a totally different sort of story. I tried to really explore a different side to the characters than I had in Christmas Past.
Harbour has strict laws against time travel and ignorance is no defence. But when Annie and her friends are put on trial for their crimes, they suspect the prosecutor might have another agenda. 
Amazon US / Amazon UK