Better Lives – A Short Story

Oil Paints and BrushesAnother week, another little story for the blog. I wanted to write something a little different to the stuff I’ve been writing lately. Last week’s piece was a lot of fun, but it felt a lot like the stories I put in The Octopus of Suspense last year and I wanted to dabble in something a bit unreal. This is another piece around 1.5k and written in three quick fifteen minute sessions. Let me know if you enjoy it. 

* * *

EDIT: Unfortunately, as this story has been published elsewhere, I’ve had to remove it temporarily. Sorry – Owen.

  • I liked this departure from your usual pieces. I like how the mystery lies in the ending and not up front. The only part that struck me as odd was the bit “He could always paint another”.Considering how the painter obsessed over the painting for most of the story, to treat it as replaceable later seems to be an unnatural tone shift. But a fun read regardless.

  • Thanks. I liked the way it turned out, though I’m not sure it reads as I intended. Not that it’s a problem really if people like it. With the paint another line I was trying to suggest that even though he’d accepted surrendering the painting, he was already turning back to painting the same scene. I see your point though, it’s a bit dismissive. Might revise…