NaNoWriMo 2013 – Day 19: Time is Running Out

PaulMcgann Eighth DoctorGood Morning, my fellow WriMos! How are you novels this fine day?

I know I’ve been a bit short on updates since somewhere in the middle of Week 2, but I’ve been crazy busy and my novel fell a little behind. Any spare time has been going on playing catchup, and unfortunately I’m still behind. There’s still time to pull ahead and my confidence is scuffed but undamaged and so I’ll be racing to the finish line in Week 4 with the rest of you. Though, I’m working on Day 30 so I might be pulling a few all nighters for an early finish.

So, how is my novel going? Well, I jut crossed 25k in my first session today. It’s a landmark, even if it is late. I said I’d be running an eBook freebie to celebrate, and I am. More info on that later. The novel itself is interesting. The first draft suffers from one of my common NaNoWriMo weaknesses in that it currently reads a lot like hastily written sessions stitched together. Of course, my first drafts always look like that, but in November they’re even worse. I have a feeling I’ll be expanding on a lot of stuff when it comes to rewrite, and possibly re-emphasising some characters over others. My plan was pretty cliché when I started it, but as I’ve gone on I’ve found better perspectives on my characters, and I really like the arc my protagonist is travelling. Other characters are a bit more slapdash, I have subplots and scenes that are interesting to write, but currently just run parallel to the main plot. I might find some way to tie them together well, but it’s likely they’re going to get cut in rewrite. And of course the prose is currently totally devoid of subtlety, show don’t tell, and readability, but that’s part of the first draft fun.

As to Freebies. I crossed 25k today and so I’m giving away Christmas Past as a special Half-Way celebration. The promo starts tomorrow, and will last for four days. I’ll post a proper announcement hear and on all my various social networks then, but for now you can click through to Amazon (US / UK) and see if the book captures your interest. I wrote this back in Christmas 2011, and I’m still really proud of it.

As usual, I’d love to hear how your own NaNoWriMo is going on, so if you want to leave me a comment or hit me up on twitter. Feel free.