Blogging 101

Cruella_de_VilWell, I finally did it. I stuck with a blog to 100 posts.

I’m an old hat at the internet, I’ve been making websites (terrible, terrible websites) since my first year of High School and I’ve been running blogs since LiveJournal was relevant. But in the past I never stuck with my blogs, maybe they were too trivial, too personal or too specific to last long. The Owen Adams Project has always been different though, I put my name on it and I decided to write each post as if it were an important piece of writing in itself. What started as a simple way to promote my work has become a place where I can share ideas, discuss my work, or moan about Man of Steel. 

This isn’t actually my 100th post, I’ve been so embroiled in NaNoWriMo that I didn’t notice my last post was actually the big number. Still, it has been a lot of fun sharing this blog with you.

Here’s to 100 more posts.