NaNoWriMo 2013 – Day 12: I’m Going Through Changes.

Lisa Simpson and her LaptopAs we reach Day 12 of every writer’s favourite event, a lot of you will be nearing the halfway point. I’m a little behind the target average still, but the gap isn’t getting any bigger so I’m not too worried. I’m actually around the 1/3  mark and my novel has gone through some changes. I expected my character to have travelled further in the first act, but I’ve found their journey a bit pacier and more introspective than  I imagined. I’m probably going to tighten that up and make things a bit more tense in the edit, but for now I’m looking forward to starting Act 2. I’ve introduced a few characters that weren’t in my plan, and I’m liking them a lot, but I don’t know how big a role they’ll play in the conclusion.

Also, I’ve decided when I hit the half-way point, I’m going to celebrate with a little eBook freebie. More word on that when I get a bit closer.

How is it going for the rest of you?