NaNoWriMo 2013 – Day 6: Playing Catch Up

ClarkKent at TypewriterIt’s Day Six of NaNoWriMo 2013 and we’re almost at the end of our first week!

It has been a mixed week for my novel with the first few days spent trying to find time to write around a busy working weekend. I managed to squeeze a session in on Monday but most of the day was spent celebrating with my partner because her cancer went into remission exactly five years to the day. It was a happy day, if not a productive one.

So, Tuesday was the first day I could really sit down and push the novel forward. I didn’t try to catch up with the recommended average all in one day; this early on it just isn’t necessary and I didn’t want to burn out before the second week. Instead, I aimed to write around 2k in three sessions of around 700 words. This is a good strategy for me as 700 words in around twenty minutes is a natural session for me, and with a breather between each sitting it means I can clear the whole day’s goal in under two hours. A daily target of 2k won’t clear my shortfall immediately, and after another working weekend I’ll need to step up, but it does clear the gap without stress.

Today has been a bit hectic, both my partner and I are taking part this year so the domestic duties have been ignored more than they should have been. I spent most of the morning catching up with the laundry and making sure I’ve filled the bin for bin day etc. As such, I only managed to squeeze in a session in the morning. After writing this post I’ll be pushing through another two sessions before bed and I should get to my 2k without too much trouble. Tomorrow, I will probably try and push it to 3k so I’m not completely behind before I go back to work.

So, in summary, I’m behind but I’m not concerned. I’m going to write 1k on work days and 2k during the rest of the week, this should average out neatly enough for me to cram the finish without going too crazy. On the more creative side of things, I was a little unsure about my novel at first, but it’s starting to take a shape and a tone that I like. My only concern is that my supporting cast seem to be much more interesting than my lead characters who are clichés at best.

As always, I loved to hear how you’re getting on in the comments. Are any of you pulling your hair out yet?