Two Free Time Travel eBooks for your Kindle!

Free Books!

There is no better time for a writer than the day you release a new book. The Octopus of Suspense was uploaded to Amazon last night, and the review phase is no over. I’ll be posting more information about that later, but before that I’d like to give you my usual new-book freebies. Both my Timewasters stories are going to be free on the kindle store until saturday. If you have a kindle or the app on your phone/iPad/android, then you can grab these books absolutely free, right now.

Check them out:

Christmas Past Owen AdamsChristmas Past – /

Time travel is easy, getting home is the hard part.

Annie and her friends are used to harsh conditions, but a Victorian winter still comes as a shock. They have a job to do, but it isn’t long before they stumble upon a corpse buried in the snow, and a new mystery to solve.

time trial book cover
Time Trial –

Time travel is easy. Choosing where to stop is a little harder.

Harbour is a pretty nice place, but Annie and her friends are breaking the law just by being there. Now they must overcome an alien legal system and a paranoid politician to prove their innocence.

Unfortunately, they are all guilty.