The Octopus of Suspense is almost ready.

Octopus Cover
Coming Soon!

Good morning, folks. How are you all enjoying your Monday so far?

It’s the start of a very special week for me, because I’ve just started the final preparations on my new eBook. The Octopus of Suspense is a collection of eight Flash Fiction stories that were previously posted to this blog as part of my Fiction Friday project. You can still read these here for now, but the eBook versions have been polished up and made all pretty for your kindles. I’m not planning on taking the originals down from the blog at the moment, but if I decide to enrol the eBook in the KDP Select programme, they’ll be temporarily removed. So enjoy them while they’re free, folks!

I’ve got the almost-final manuscript for the collection loaded on to my kindle now. I’m spending the rest of the day giving the book one last read through, catching any mistakes that have slipped through the net. After I’m happy with the text, the rest of the week will be spent making sure the formatting is fine on kindle, iPad, PC etc. Then the last job is to copy in the front matter, sort the cover and metadata, write a blurb (my least favourite job) and make sure it all looks professional.

All things going according to plan, it should hit Amazon next week.

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  • Good luck with your book sales!

  • Thanks, I’m really proud of these stories so I hope I’ll shift a few even if they are up free on the blog.