Mr Owen Adams’ Splendiferous Monthly Roundup – July

Roundup logoA new month is upon us, and I notice that updates were a bit thin on the ground last month. I am still alive, and very much active, but there hasn’t been too much that would fit the sort of space I have on this blog. With that in mind, I thought I’d start opening new months with a post that rounds up what I’ve been doing elsewhere recently.

Bricks Fix: 

Over on my Lego blog, I’ve been reviewing minifigures. Special mention goes to this collectable Gandalf that came free with the newspaper.


My tumblr is where I talk about more personal stuff and try out different ideas before I’m ready to develop them into full on blog posts. The most significant thing I’ve written here recently is a rambling atheism related post about how the God of the bible seems more like a slave than a ruler.  All lightness and joy over there.


I’m not going to point out individual tweets since it’s mostly just dumb jokes and stupid questions, but twitter is my favourite social networks. I’m on there most days, so if you’d ever like to contact me or get the latest on what I’m up to, twitter is probably the best place to do it.


I have three projects in the final stages before publication right now. The Octopus of Suspense; a collection of the eight Fiction Friday stories I posted on this blog, Hybrid; the next Timewasters story that went into final edit last year but hit a few snags and The Time Sniffer, a new Timewasters story that has been distracting me from lots of more important things. I’ve also started a few new drafts of things and the editing of last year’s NaNoWriMo novel. 2013 has been a slow year for my self-publishing so far, but it should pick up when a few of these projects are finally ready to be released into the world.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!