Time Trial – A Science Fiction Short Story: Free Until Saturday

Morning, Folks.

I just wanted to let you know that one of my books is free until Saturday. Time Trial is a sci-fi short in the vein of Doctor Who or Quantum Leap and part of my Timewasters series. It’s available on the Kindle store so if you own a kindle or have the free kindle app on your iPhone/Android Phone/iPad etc. then you can get it for free right now. More info below.

time trial book coverTime Trial – Amazon.com /Amazon.co.uk
Time travel is easy. Choosing where to stop is a little harder.

Harbour is a pretty nice place, but Annie and her friends are breaking the law just by being there. Now they must overcome an alien legal system and a paranoid politician to prove their innocence.

Unfortunately, they are all guilty.

  • Thanks for showing me your writings owen- I read time trials today. found it a decent read- but could have done with more meat mayhaps. The character Quinn came and went in too much off a hurry i reckon, and I felt we should have heard more of him to begin with instead of saying they talked through till midnight- I know why you done this(you explained in another blog) but I couldn’t attach to any of the characters because of this- maybe Its because need to be spoon fed the descriptions.

    The court room stuff reminded me of Q in star trek, but I was hoping for more drama, outside of the court room.I mean. good easy read though. Quinn(homage to quinn mallory?)

    thanks again- gonna read on>

  • Ah, thanks very much. If you wanted to leave a review on Amazon, that would be really helpful.

  • will do- have to wait 48hrs before adding though.

  • Thanks man.