Free Books and other Bedtime Stories!

Yes, I know it’s been two Fridays without a FictionFriday story, but don’t worry because I’ll be adding today’s in a little while. It just needs to go through its final polish. However, it’s been a good three weeks since my last blog update and so I wanted to add some important updates. Firstly,


Yes, I’m doing another free promotion because I’ve been working really hard on my next Timewasters story (more on that in a moment) and I could really use a bit of a morale boost now I’m getting into the slow editing/proofreading stage. So, I’m making my first two Timewasters stories free  on the kindle store today and tomorrow. I hope you enjoy!

Christmas Past – /

Time Trial – /

So, please download and enjoy them, tell your friends. I’m really proud of these books and every download helps my sales rankings, which helps me get more reviews, which helps me get more sales. If you do read them, I’d love to hear your feedback.


I know this isn’t exactly news, but it’s an important update. The next Timewasters story is called Hybrid and has been in progress for a really long time. This is entering final stages now and should be publishing next weekend. I know I’ve missed deadlines before, please don’t send me any angry emails, this really should be it now. I’ll have a cover design up soon for you to have a look at.

That’s all for now,

drop me a line or leave a comment if you have anything to say. Fiction Friday story coming later today.