Whatever Happened to the Short Blog Post?

tl;drI have started and abandoned many blogs over the years. This current blog is easily the most successful, no doubt because it is a personal blog intended to promote my writing and communicate with my readers, rather than a venture in its own right. So long as I keep writing, I will always have something to blog about. It is also a good little repository for my Fiction Friday pieces, which would otherwise be hidden away on a hard drive somewhere. I try to update it once a week with something interesting (the hardest bit) and it ticks along quite nicely without too much manipulation from me.

However, I have observed that I don’t really feel comfortable using this blog for small updates. The kind of blog posts that used to be the most common, quick updates on days out, nice meals cooked, all that trivial but charming material seems to have been filtered down to 140 characters and dropped on twitter. That’s not much of a surprise, twitter is a much better medium for the small observation, the trivial and the tangent. Unfortunately, the effect on me seems to be that I am reluctant to update my blog unless I have some lengthy and insightful, rather than something brief and interesting. I find myself straining to write great, inspirational blog posts when I should be working on my stories. And unfortunately, inspirational blog posts aren’t really my forte so the result is always something of a damp squib.

With that in mind, I have decided to take back my blog for the short, the snappy and the concise.

That is all.