Fiction Friday – Customs


It’s Friday which means it’s time for another FictionFriday story. Every Friday I try to plan, write, revise and publish a 1500 word short story in an afternoon. Last week’s story, The Confession, was my first and I was pretty pleased with the results. Here’s this week’s story. 

This story has been temporarily removed, as it has been published elsewhere. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • That was certainly unexpected, but a great read nonetheless.. I really loved the build up of the tension, you made the reader want to know what what what was i that package

  • so that’s whats inside Marsellus Wallace’s brief case !!!

  • another fine story.

  • Thanks man. Glad for the readers.

  • got the book now- thanks, like your style. very easy to read. you got yourself another disciple owen.

  • Thanks very much. That short story is a little older though, I’d like to say I’ve developed a little since then. If you like the story, it’d be great if you left a review on Amazon.