50pFifty posts. The blog has had Fifty Posts. There are as many posts as the infamous Shades of Grey, if you can believe it.

This might not seem like a landmark to you because, well, you are not me. (In case you hadn’t noticed.) But this is a big number for me because this blog is an important part of both my career and my life. It is my main method of communication with the world, it is where I get the chance to talk about my books, my career and sometimes (gasp) myself in more than 140 characters. Furthermore, it is doing quite a bit better than my attempts at blogging in the past have done, so I’m quite proud if it. With that in mind, I’m going to use this post to be selfish and do a bit of self promotion.

My name is Owen Adams, I am a writer living in the UK. My books are available on the Kindle store if you would like to buy them, and if you like this blog then I would be delighted if you followed me on twitter. I’m online there far too much and always interested in conversation.