So, that was 2012?

The Collected Corks of January 2nd.
The Collected Corks of January 2nd.

One of the satisfying things about the New Year is being allowed to indulge in a little pointless naval gazing. It is a chance to talk about the last twelve months positively, regardless of what they contain, and dwell a little in introspection while safe in the knowledge that you have successfully traversed another year on the Earth. A new year is a chance for people to enjoy a little perspective on their lives, to distance themselves from the daily grind and look at all they have achieved. And I think that’s something we all need once in a while.

With that in mind, I’d like to share some of the good things I achieved this year, and some things I’d like to achieve in the year to come.

2012 was the year I became a writer. I wrote the first story I was happy enough to send out into the world, Christmas Past. Starting in the ancient past of December 2011, but finished in January. This was my first step into self publishing and writing as a career. Sometimes it feels like a very small achievement, but I think it is significant nonetheless. Recently I followed this up with my second story, Time Trial, which is another little step forward that I’m very proud of. Most recently I participated in, and completed, National Novel Writing Month 2012. The first draft of my very first novel sits awaiting a much needed second look as we speak.

In 2013 I would like to match, and hopefully exceed, these contributions. My hope is to keep writing, but complete pieces for publication sooner and more often. I hope to end 2013 with at least another two short stories released in to the world, as well as publishing a novella I have been working with for some time. I am also planning on completing another novel for NaNoWriMo in 2013.

If I have any regret for 2012, it is that I did not keep up pace with my work throughout the year. Too often I let projects fall behind, or became distracted. In 2013 I’d like to stay more focused on my goals and try to keep more plates spinning at once.

And those are all my thoughts for the 1st of January, 2013. Feel free to share your own in the comments.

  • sounds like quite a journey- well done bloke. I wrote a novel last year, much to my surprise, and got caught up in the moment, I spent $2000 getting it checked and cleaned up only to find I have the writing skills of a 15 year old – which was quite a shock to me as I was about to celebrate my 42nd birthday! So I was rather deflated after that review, but soon cheered up when he followed it up with a fine story with a clever twist. But I just don’t have the cash or the motivation to rewrite it again. So its now for $hits and giggles only.

    good luck with the follow up.

  • Thanks, is your novel on Amazon?

  • no its on the carpet under my bed- gathering dust!