Another Quick NaNoWriMo Update.

nanowrimo logoHey all,

Just a quick post to let you know how my NaNoWriMo is going. I had a few personal hiccups last week and I’m sorry to say I fell pretty far behind. I’ve been working to catch up this week but I’m only just crossing the halfway point. At the moment my plan is not to try and catch up as fast as possible and burn out but to try and bump my daily average up a little bit every day. I’ve been working on writing around 2000 words a day which currently isn’t enough to finish on time, but I shouldn’t be too far behind by the time I get to the last few days. It’ll be a lot easier to write a big bulk of the novel when I can see the finish line.

How is it going for everyone else?


  • I’m only just past 30k… which isn’t what I had hoped.. but I need to do some catching up.. it’s just been a crazy November.

  • $hit- this sounds epic mate, I dunno if I can do 3000 every other day, i get a couple of hours a night if i m luck to to bills timesheets and catch up- so at the moment I can hit 1200 if i’m on a role.

  • 1200 isn’t so bad. I found the best way to do it was to break it down into sessions. 50,000 in a month is 1,666 a day. Breaking it down into three 500-600 word blocks worked well for me.

  • I am intrigued, for sure. might need a new laptop though- this one has a tendency to blue screen just before i reach up to hit the save button

    I won’t tell you how many times I have lost a chapter to the computers tantrum, chapters that are never to be repeated no matter how much I try to remember what I just said. AGGGGGGGGGHHH!

  • Have you thought about writing in Google Drive? It’s all cloud storage and saves automatically, so if the computer goes down the most you’ll lose is a few lines.

  • what, like a drop box kinda thing? My It skills are being tested here just trying to blog at the moment.

  • You can use it like dropbox, but you can also just make a document right in the browser and write away. Like having office software you go online to access.