Time Trial: Coming Soon!

Cover for Timewasters Year One
No cover for Time Trial yet, but here’s my preliminary cover for my first Timewasters short story collection.

Only a brief post today to let you know about the new Timewasters story that I’ll be publishing this month. The story is basically finished, it’s just in the final rewrites stage. Proofreading, cleaning up the style a bit to make it as coherent and readable as possible. It’s a short story called Time Trial and follows Annie, Graham and Mark after they arrive on a planet where time travel is banned. Put on trial by the local authorities, they have to find a way to swing the court in their favour, which will be tricky as they’re guilty.

I’ll be reading, and re-reading, the story as much as possible before my deadline on the fifteenth. I’ll also be writing up the additional bits on pieces that make up the book as well as producing the cover. That means there’ll be lots of little updates until it gets uploaded to the Kindle Store, but I’ll be saving the bigger posts until it’s all done.