The Future and the Past

Christmas Past Book CoverHello World!

I thought I’d christen my new blog with a bit of news on what’s coming up for the rest of this year. It’s also a good time to look back on Christmas Past and fill you all in on how that has been doing.

Firstly, news. Since the release of Christmas Past I have been working on a six part series of Timewasters short stories. A few things have changed along the way, but I have six short stories all at some stage of completion that I am happy with. The first should be ready to go sometime in August, but I’ll have more detailed information about that soon. After that, the following stories should be released on a monthly schedule as long as everything goes to plan. So far these stories are proving great fun to write; the series (and the characters) are developing really well and I hope you will enjoy reading them soon.

So, how did Christmas Past fare in 2012 so far?

Honestly, not great.

I published the story in January 2012, a bit late for Christmas, but the experience overall was a positive one. From the start the goal was not to sell books, but to force myself into a completing a story to the point where it was publishable. Due to a few administrative hiccups, that didn’t quite work out and the manuscript I uploaded to KDP was a disaster in so many ways. Fortunately, those issues have been ironed out now and the produce currently on sale is something I’m very proud of. Unfortunately the book has barely sold a copy since its first couple of months. I’m not too surprised, it’s a 99 cent short story by an unknown author, and I’d be lying if I said I’d been doing my best to market it. While it would be nice if Christmas Past did have a surge in popularity, at the end of the day writing it pushed me to where I am now, ready to release a series of six stories over six months. It’s a tough sell and at the end of the day I’d rather be working on the next release than worrying over a short story that has already served its purpose for me.